VG council considering waiving permit fees

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Times-Journal

VALLEY GRANDE – The Valley Grande City Council is considering waiving permit fees for businesses that will have to rebuild or relocate due to the upcoming expansion of Highway 22.

Under the same consideration is an ordinance requiring businesses along the highway to have a 70 percent masonry front.

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“Highway 22, at some point, is going to be a commercial boulevard,” Mayor Tom Lee said.

Lee said the ordinance would require structures in the business district to have a brick, masonry stucco or stone front.

“All of the fronts up and down (Highway) 22 would carry some sort of attractiveness to (them),” Lee said.

Lee said such an ordinance would preserve the safety, character and property value of the town.

Reporting on the walking trail, Councilwoman Patsy Moore said the bids received for asphalt and other work were too high.

“What’s we’ve decided to do is revise the bid and put it back out for bid and hope we’ll do better the second time,” Patsy Moore.

Moore is also in the process of organizing Founder’s Day, which is April 14.

“It’s going along well so far,” Moore said. “Anybody who wants booth for arts and crafts, they’re free booths.

Moore said she is working on entertainment and other activities for the event.

“I’ll appreciate any help I can get,” she said.

Lee wrapped the meeting up with the monthly financial report from CPA Jimmy Siddens.

Lee reported that the city is doing well with $386K in total liabilities and over $1M in total assets.