Cotillions should be a concern for parents

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 20, 2007

To the Editor:

Is it really for the children or simply a money making event for the organization?

Do they really have the children’s best interest at heart?

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These are very important questions that parents need to ask before getting involved.

According to the constitution of the U.S., we all have the freedom of speech.

Therefore, I am compelled and must speak out as a parent in reference to the above noted event that is supposedly presenting young ladies and young men to society.

When an organization asks for your child to participate in their Cotillion/Beautillion, then they as members should support the participants, especially since the money is capital for their benefit.

We as parents need to asses the pros and cons and what this particular event is all about.

When an event such as this is centered around children people need to remember that what is said and done will stay with them for a long time.

Parents need to know that you have the power in your hands to make or break an organization, especially

if you close your hands as it relates to the money.

Naturally, it may be said that that’s just a “sore loser,” but

anybody with common sense knows that there can only be one winner.

But, what really is a problem is how much control lies in one individual’s hand or a specific group of individuals for them to decide who should have what.

This article cannot help the children who have already participated in the recent Cotillion/Beautillion; but, maybe it will open the eyes of the parents and children presently participating or planning to in the future.

Maybe others in the past have had or experienced negative situations dealing with this event and if they had spoken out it could have helped other children and parents be more aware of what could happen.

If only a child wins based on financial contributions, then so be it, and that’s okay.

But, in reference to what I said about certain decisions resting solely in the hands of a certain person or persons with the potential for causing the scale of justice to become unbalanced that’s another situation altogether.

And you know its bad when a child tells you.

I know that was not done right; but it lets me know that life is not fair and neither are people.

With the recent Cotillion/Beautillion a challenge was given to the young ladies about a virtuous woman and to the young men about their attitude determining their attitudes. If this challenge is what they wanted the children to possess; then they need to ask themselves the question:

Do I really possess this and did their virtues and attitudes help to scar children?

This challenge was based on a scripture in the Bible; but there is another statement in the Bible that Jesus makes referring to in as much as you have done to the least of these little ones, so have you done it unto me.

Parents, remember that knowledge is power and you have the key to use it to your advantage.

The question still remains unanswered and that is should there be a Cotillion/Beautillion or should it be discontinued until it has been restored back to its original status and not on the free slave labor of children?

Who does the event really benefit? Are the deciding factors mainly based on prejudice, preference and family background?

Also, the money issue should be addressed.

The money should be collected by a neutral party and on neutral grounds and the organization only needs to know if all the participants have paid the presentation fee by the designated deadline.

On the evening of the event is the only time the organization should be given a sealed envelope by the neutral party to announce the winner.

This would help to eliminate any discrepancies.

Parents, please remember to read the fine print along with what’s between the lines, and pay close attention to the verbal and non-verbal communications and what is offered to the children.

I must close by making reference to Jeremiah in the Bible. It was like fire shot up in his bones and he just couldn’t keep it to himself.

This is how I felt along with other parents who may not openly voice their opinions; but,were also dissatisfied, disgusted and frustrated with the recent Cotillion/Beautillion experience. This is not about revenge, it’s about

fairness and the principle of it.

Rosalyn K. Wilks