Cahaba Center does great work

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 6, 2007

To the Editor:

This is to get my say. This is about the Cahaba Mental Health Center in Selma. The people out there do a great job. My mother died in 2001 and I was on my own. I have had to learn to do things for myself, with the help of the Cahaba Center.

Most days are pretty good. Some days are bad. I try to cope.

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My mother did a lot for all people with mental illness, not just me.

The Cahaba Center helps me with my grocery selections and I am trying to cook. I have a small apartment that is just right for me.

I go to church in Selma. I like Selma. My mother wrote a letter to the editor some 40 years ago, in 1967. It was about mental illness. Peggy and Debra do all they can to help me. The Cahaba Center does good work.

Let’s all support the Cahaba Center 100 percent.

Glenn Martin