Response to Looper’s column

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 24, 2007

To the Editor:

Byrd Looper headed his article on Sunday, Feb. 18 in big, bold, black letters “A Response to lawyer Brown.” Well, this is a response to Byrd Looper.

In his article, he labeled Kirtley Brown with labels which do not describe him, so I’ll take care of that first.

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Kirtley Brown is a Christian and a devoted family man. Mr. Looper boasted he had lived here four decades. Kirtley was born and raised in this area.

I never knew his father, but he’s the son of a beautiful, intelligent lady, and author of many books.

I’m sure she taught him to be a well-read person. He is a law-abiding citizens of the United States (after all, he’s a lawyer).

Mr. Looper said he is a passionate patriot. He should spend his energy in other things besides taking a whole article to attack a fellow citizen.

Some people make fun of others who are more educated and well read than they are because they are so narrow-minded they refuse to listen to anyone else’s opinion but their own.

They totally block their minds to other people’s ideas and thoughts. Is that you, Mr. Looper?

Instead of responding to other people’s comments in a civilized manner, or even considering them and perhaps bettering themselves, they lash out at them, calling them all kinds of names. Is that you, Mr. Looper?

I’m sorry Mr. Looper couldn’t understand the inference of the proverb. “Not to know is bad, Not to wish to know is worse.”

Mr. Looper, even though I thought your article was bad, I’m glad I read it and will continue to do so because I want to know.

After all, you were right about two things: No. 1: Kirtley Brown is more intellectual and intelligent than you (that seems to irritate you a lot), and No. 2: You probably should not try to have a discourse with him. You would lose.

Maurine Cook