Stay safe, and warm

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 13, 2007

According to forecasters, temperatures will drop later this week.

We’ve had a little cold weather already this season, but it’s a good time for a reminder to be safe when trying to stay warm.

Take a few precautions, including the following safety tips offered by fire department officials:

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Be careful when using fireplaces, stoves or space heaters. Make sure your fireplace has been cleaned by a professional prior to use.

Space heaters should be several feet from materials such as towels in bathrooms, or curtains or bed linens.

Don’t use a stove to try to heat your home. Also, don’t use charcoal or gas grills inside your home to try to stay warm because they give off large amounts of carbon monoxide.

Be careful with electric blankets – make sure they are turned off when you leave the house.

Don’t overload an extension cord. This can cause a fire at the outlet.

While the temperatures will probably not be below freezing during the daytime, the evenings will be colder – with temperatures predicted to be in the 20s.

Make sure to bring pets inside.

And, if you’re going outside, dress for the weather.

Be careful, stay warm and stay safe when cold weather comes our way.