Enough is enough!

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 8, 2007

To the Editor:

After reading Byrd Looper’s Sunday article, “Embracing Defeat,” I can only wonder why he is a regular columnist in The Selma Times-Journal. His opinions are so far off the map to the right, there could be no rational discussion with him.

To refer to citizens as “disloyal opponents” because they oppose or even question the President’s actions in Iraq is wrong. In fact, a majority of Americans are calling for a winning strategy – which we have not had so far.

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Mr. Looper further suggests that, for political gain in 2008, those questioning the war may be “hoping for a defeat in Iraq.”

He seems to have forgotten not only how our democracy works, but also about the precious rights under the First Amendment – including the freedoms of speech and press. The framers of the Constitution believe that we arrive at the best decisions when we hear and consider differing opinions, especially those opinions we don’t like.

Mr. Looper also slams the media by calling The New York Times

a “communist manifesto rag,” whatever that means.

He must really hate one of the country’s premier newspapers, which began publication in 1851.

As a daily subscriber, I can only suggest that he is the loser for not reading it.

I am reminded of a Yoruban proverb that says, “Not to know is bad. Not to wish to know is worse.”

Kirtley Brown

Marion Junction

Editor’s Note: The above letter printed in the Friday, Feb. 9 issue included some typos. We are happy to re-run the correct version of the letter.