Attempted possession: Woman tries to use nurse’s name to obtain drugs

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 8, 2007

Staff Report

A Selma woman was arrested Wednesday and charged with attempted possession of a controlled substance after she used a nurse’s identity to call in a prescription to a local drug store for herself.

Vanessa Vaughn, 35, was arrested and placed on $5,000 bond for the Jan. 9 call she placed to Carter Drug Co. Selma Police Department investigators said it took a while to track Vaughn down, after it was evident she attempted to possess addictive pain killers.

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“She gave the real name of a nurse and gave her real name,” said Officer Jeff Hardy. “She asked for 30 Lortab pills, which she placed in her name. When she went in to pick them up the pharmacist would not give them to her. She called the real nurse to verify, and she didn’t call the prescription in.”

Vaughn was arrested and released Wednesday on bond, authorities said.