‘Constitutional Terrorism’ in Selma

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 3, 2007

To the Editor:

There is no question in my mind that an unresolved threat to justice shall cause irreparable damage to those who allow it to occur.

We have often considered this violation which has biblical origins as “a threat to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

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Biblically speaking however, the Holy Bible chronicles injustice as a false balance and an abomination to the Lord but a just weight as his delight.

American justice is once again challenged in the Capitol City of Selma as local judge Valerie Chittom and the Selma Police Department appear to work in tandem to cover up the recent act of “constitutional terrorism” performed by Judge Chittom and officer Jimmy Crowe against an ordinary citizen and an extraordinary attorney.

An act of constitutional terrorism is simply a blatant denial of the constitutional rights of the accused in order to enforce a subjective violation of the law.

The right to have a fair trial noted by the representation of one’s attorney is secured by the Constitution of the United States.

When one violation of this operating principle of democracy occurs, we experience a slippery slope to the rapid violation of ordinary citizens.

Therefore, it becomes tantamount that each citizen who desires to experience “freedom and justice for all” weigh in with concerns and express the desire for resolution of such violations.

This communication is my attempt along with those of the Grassroots Democracy Commission who believe that we must be vigilant to sustain and secure our constitutional rights against “constitutional terrorism” by subjective judges and police.

On Jan. 9, 2007, a tragic denial of the accused (Roosevelt Cleveland) to have his case presented to Judge Chittom before she ruled, permanently etched the day of reckless abandon of the United States Constitution in Selma. As an officer of the court, attorney Faya Rose Tour was released by a signature bond.

The police report written by officer Jimmy Crowe sadly names the voice of attorney Tour as a weapon. The attorney was not found in contempt but arrested and later released on a signature bond.

Roosevelt Cleveland was arrested and kept in jail for numerous days allegedly for other violations which were activated as a result of this unlawful arrest.

The initial charge was public intoxication and no method of verification was substantiated according to Cleveland’s attorney.

Mr. Cleveland was later released and has not returned GDC phone calls nor come back to place his bond.

We understand that his counsel has submitted a motion for a new trial to correct this injustice.

The GDC would like our mayor and city Council President to conduct an investigation of this violation especially since there is a suspicion that Roosevelt Cleveland has been threatened.

How long will constitutional terrorism be allowed to linger in Selma?

Rev. Franklin B. Fortier Jr.

Grassroots Democracy Commission