School funding needed

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gov. Bob Riley on Wednesday made a press stop in Millbrook to promote his $500 million bond issue plan for new school construction.

In the past, the governor’s plan for money designated for new school construction and renovation has been met with resistance from the state legislature.

There seems to be some support now for the bond issue, which he introduced last fall as part of Plan 2010.

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In fact, the governor has said the amount could be increased to $750 million.

Riley will be making a stop today in Alabaster and Friday in Limestone County, touting his plan for new construction.

There is little doubt that school systems across the state are in need of repairs, renovation and, in some cases, new facilities.

Here in Selma and Dallas County, we are met with our own challenges of having older buildings. Certainly, there are some schools that need to be rebuilt, and others that need renovation.

Many of us wouldn’t work in a facility that has the types of issues some of our schools have.

The same is true across the state.

Riley’s proposal is a welcome start to finding a source of funding for these projects, but even $500 million split between 67 counties, and even more school districts, doesn’t go very far.

When the legislature goes into session, this should be one of the first items on the agenda. And this time around, there shouldn’t be any question about whether or not school systems across the state need the funding.

Our legislators and governor must work together to find a way to upgrade these facilities and make education a priority.