Pay attention to water board issue

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 28, 2007

To the Editor:

If I was not paying attention, I would not believe it was happening.

Mr. Leashore was telling the truth. Mrs. Allen did recommend that Mr. Hicks, the former white chairman of the water board, get the $25,000 salary, insurance for him and his family, and other benefits that were illegal and not afforded to other water board members.

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And Mr. Evans did support Mr. Hicks. Now, Mrs. Allen and Mr. Evans are doing everything in their power to undercut Mr. Leashore, the present black chairman of the water board.

It is public knowledge that Mr. Leashore and the present board did not set their salaries; Mr. Hicks and the previous board performed that task.

It was a shame to watch Mrs. Allen, Mr. Evans, and the Rev. Goodwin scheme with Cecil Williamson and Reid Cain to remove Samuel Randolph from the Water Board. Geraldine Allen voted for herself to replace Randolph and to receive a salary that she has spoken out against ever since she’s been on the council.

“The salaries are too high on that Water Board,” is what she has vehemently stated in the newspaper on several occasions.

What are you going to do, Mrs. Allen? Are you going to go over to the Water Board and refuse the salary that you say is too high, or is this the real reason you fought so hard to boot Sam Randolph off the Water Board? What a shame!

I could also tell in that meeting that the fight for the 2008 white vote is on. Evans vs. Allen.

The winner will be determined by who can impress whites by beating down blacks the most and make enough blacks believe that they deserve the whipping.

I pray for peace and understanding in this city.

Marjorie P. Brooks