Tragedy, tragedy, tragedy

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 24, 2007

To the Editor:

As I listened to the Jan. 23 city council meeting on the radio, something happened that went virtually unnoticed by most of us poor uniformed masses.

In fact, I heard people laughing as if it was funny. But, thanks to a sharp STJ reporter the moment was captured.

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Councilwoman Jannie Venter asked Councilman Cecil Williamson was he a member of the League of the South. Williamson did not answer.

She asked him again, he did not answer.

President (George) Evans called Councilwoman Venter out of order. But I understand that later in the meeting, Councilwoman Venter asked Councilman Williamson the question again.

“Are you a member of the League of the South?” Again, Mr. Williamson ignored the question and Mr. Evans brushed the question under the table and did not acknowledge Ms. Venter.

I became curious and thought I would start searching on the computer to find my own answer to this question. A few “googles” and there it was.

What is the League of the South? The League of the South is listed as an active hate group that is being tracked by the Southern Poverty Law Center under their Intelligence Project.

The Rev. Williamson, pastor of Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church in Selma, a member of the Selma City Council and former member of the Dallas County School Board, is listed as a member and is being tracked as an active member of this “active hate group.”

For more proof, go to The bottom line is because of the right reverend, our city is listed among this unholy klan.

Then for specific references to Rev. Williamson, go to

There you can read about the councilman of our city and his views about our children and their so-called “dumbed down” education.

The truth is that Rev. Williamson is a member of the League of the South.

This is a tragedy, tragedy, tragedy! Tragedy No. 1: The citizens knew this and elected him without opposition to represent Ward 1.

Tragedy No. 2: Only a handful of white people, if any, will have the courage to publicly condemn this man and his actions.

Tragedy No. 3: There are black people who believe what he says, believe in him, follow him, and will attack and destroy any black person who stands up against him. Tragedy! Tragedy! Tragedy!

What a slave mentality.

I understand that Ms. Venter’s action is being questioned by those who support this type of hate. Well, I saw thank you, Ms. Venter for your courage. Now, all those people who are looking for a cause, here it is. As for me, I will be encouraging people to speak out, both black and white, to help stop the madness and confusion caused by this individual and those who support and follow him.

May God help us all!

Nate Brown