Web site not unbiased

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 22, 2007

To the Editor:

I recently learned of the web site “news forum” which supposedly covers news of happenings within the City of Selma. Curious about the comments that were being made about the site, I went to it and read through the first 15 entries.

The first reaction was to wonder what the true purpose of the site is. Does the author wish to vent frustration, seek revenge for some perceived wrong, express anger or truly inform citizens using factual information?

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If the purpose is to truly inform, the author falls short of the goal. What I read were some facts mixed with opinions, hearsay and reprehensible accusations that injure the good name and character of many people. All of this is written as facts. Some may be fact, but much is not.

I vehemently defend our right to free speech.

It is a precious cornerstone of our democratic government. I do feel, however, that because it is so precious it should be used responsibly.

Research should be done before conclusions are made so that readers will be informed of the facts and can then come to their own opinions.

The author of the web site does not afford readers the respect they deserve. Given unbiased facts, the citizens of Selma are able to form their own conclusions.

They don’t require that someone else do it for them.

By third grade most students know the difference between fact and opinion; as should the mystery author.

Anyone who knows they present true facts should have the courage of their convictions and sign their name to what they write. At least allow the people whose good names are tarnished to have the opportunity to rebut what is said about them.

In addition, as a board member I can tell you that what has been written about recent school board activities is not accurate. I am in the process of writing the facts in chronological order so that citizens may learn what is actually happening, rather than having to glean truth from misinformation.

I am not afraid to sign my name, nor would I shirk the opportunity to discuss anything written above with people who would wish to ask questions, make comments or engage in civilized debate.


Barbara Stapp Hiouas

Vice President

Selma City Schools Board of Education