Column/Top stories of the weekend

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 22, 2007

1. Mad cats – So if you’re wondering whether or not the Southside Panthers are for real … Mmm, I’m thinking yeah.

If you weren’t in the Selma High gym Saturday, sorry for ya and shame on ya.

That was about as good as high school basketball gets. And since I was smart enough to get there early and get a good parking space, I enjoyed the game a lot more.

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I think I’ve seen Southside win just about every possible way this year – in the halfcourt, in transition, coming from behind.

And it’s good to see Selma is starting to pick things up.

Two games on my radar are this Tuesday when Selma plays Stanhope and Jan. 30 when Dallas County goes to Southside.

Oh, I’m excited, ya’ll.

3. Future con-Vick? – Now, I’m not one to pass judgment, but I’ve got to know what in the world Mike Vick was thinking when he tried to bring that bottle contraption through airport security last week.

And what exactly is a “marijuana-like substance?”

I didn’t exactly live the roughest life, but I do know there aren’t too many things that both look and smell like marijuana.

And let’s just say he’s innocent. Let’s say, he’s taking some kind of herb that hasn’t yet been legalized in the United States.

It just plain looks bad. He’s already got enough working against him.

Why up the chances of getting booted out of Atlanta over this?

2. Denver duo – Guess who’s coming to dinner …

I mean, back to the NBA. Carmelo Anthony will resume playing for the Denver Nuggets again tonight, which means he and Allen Iverson will be sharing the floor, and oh how wonderful it will be.

Excuse me, I forgot for a second that I live in the real world.

Not only will this idea pretty much explode, it’ll take the western section of the United States into the Pacific Ocean.

I mean, is it just me? Seriously, is it? Does no one else think this is a horrible idea? Because I sure don’t hear anyone else saying as much.

I could be wrong, though. They could shock two or three other teams and make a run to the Western Conference championship series. And Allen Iverson could finish his career in Denver and pass the baton to his newly found little brother.

Whoops, drifted out of the real world again.

1. Championship Sunday – I’m not talking about the AFC and NFC championship games. I’m just not.

It’s my column, and you can’t make me.

Also List-worthy: Anyone seen Shaq?; It’s never too early for baseball; Gas prices falling (for the next 15 minutes, and then the government cuts us all off!); Chicken is better than beef; and the quickest way to a man’s heart – is to learn what a Mike linebacker is.

George L. Jones is sports editor of The Selma Times-Journal. He can be reached at