Expect great things in county

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 13, 2007

Two county officials will be sworn into office Tuesday – Kim Ballard, who will replace Johnny Jones Jr., as Dallas County probate judge, and Harris Huffman, who was re-elected as Dallas County sheriff.

Jones retires after serving as probate judge for 30 years.

As Ballard takes the top elected office in the county, it’s important to reiterate the need for cooperation.

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The Dallas County Commission is expected to continue to operate smoothly.

But, the commission and the city of Selma must also find a way to work together.

As probate judge, Ballard’s chief responsibility is to preside over the county commission meetings.

But he is also in a position to be an instrument of change and progress for Dallas County.

He admits he has big shoes to fill in replacing Jones.

Ballard’s 10 years on the commission, as well as nine years served on the city council prior to that, should put him in a perfect position to bridge the gap between government entities in Dallas County.

Ballard expressed a desire to listen to the public, and seek counsel on issues affecting the citizens.

We expect nothing less than great things to come with this changing of the guard in Dallas County.