County can find landfill solution

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 9, 2007

This week, residents attended the Dallas County Commission meeting to express their concerns about the possible closing of transfer stations in Selma and Orrville.

County commissioners said they have received phone calls, and some citizens have written letters to the editor asking that the commission reconsider.

It’s important to note that the decision of whether or not to close the stations is not a done deal.

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Commissioners are simply evaluating the costs and determining what action would best benefit the citizens, and the county’s budget.

At Monday afternoon’s meeting, Commissioner Roy Moore said, “The cost has escalated to the point where we can’t handle it.”

They are continuing to accept public input, talk to officials in Orrville, and find a solution.

This is the way good government works.

Elected officials must listen to the public’s concerns. And municipalities and the county must work together to find solutions. Citizens must also be willing to make compromises. We elect officials to manage our tax dollars, and a big part of that is staying within a budget.

If everyone works together, there’s no reason why a solution cannot be found. But, that’s the key – to work together, and for everyone involved to be willing to compromise.