Resolve to improve Selma

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 31, 2006

On this, the first day of a New Year, we ask that our elected officials make some resolutions.

First, make a resolution to get along with one another.

It’s okay to disagree, in fact, debate is downright democratic.

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But the type of outbursts, and disrespect we have witnessed in city council meetings during the past year are petty and childish. And they accomplish nothing, which brings us to the next resolution.

Second, make a resolution to accomplish something positive for the city this year. During 2006, there were plenty of wild goose chases going on, but little was accomplished that actually helps the average resident of Selma. (The TrustBuild program may prove to be an exception. Only time will tell, but it’s off to a good start).

Third, resolve to improve basic services. It has been written on this page during 2006 that the most important job of city leadership is the safety of its citizens. That should be the top priority for 2007. Senior citizens shouldn’t be worried about being mugged while attending a church service, and Girl Scouts should be able to sell their cookies without their money being stolen.

These are just a few resolutions our elected leaders might want to consider. Of course, it takes everyone in a community to make an area safe, clean and progressive. So, we should all resolve to build a better Selma in 2007.