Plan safe New Year’s

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 28, 2006

This weekend, many local residents will shoot fireworks to celebrate the New Year.

While it is against the law to use fireworks in the city, it is legal in the county.

Fireworks are an American tradition that is as old as our nation itself; 45 out of 50 states allow fireworks use in one form or another.

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The National Council on Fireworks Safety has seen a rising trend in fireworks and sparkler usage on New Years Eve.

As the usage goes up so does the need for safety.

To celebrate safely, The National Council on Fireworks Safety gives these guidelines:

Obey the local laws. If fireworks or sparklers aren’t legal where you live, don’t use them.

Buy fireworks and sparklers only from established dealers

Parents, Watch your children! Only persons over 12 years old should handle sparklers.

An adult must be present and responsible when young people are handling fireworks and sparklers.

Never attempt to combine or alter fireworks or sparklers.

Fireworks should only be lit one at a time.

Alcohol and fireworks do not mix. Please have a “designated shooter” who is responsible for fireworks.

Only use fireworks and sparklers outdoors. When outdoors use them away from buildings and vehicles.

Keep plenty of water nearby. Additionally, make sure the person lighting the fireworks wears safety glasses.

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