How soon elected officials forget

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 28, 2006

To the Editor:

It is becoming clear to those of us who voted in November that the folks in Washington still didn’t get the message and are easing back into their old mindset.

The fact that we want American troops brought home from Iraq pronto seems to have escaped their notice.

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They plan to talk about it for a few more years and try to make political hay for partisan purposes while American troops continue to die in a war that was initiated on fraudulent grounds by a president who either knew better going in or was just too stupid to know.

Either way, impeachment hearings need to move forward promptly.

While we’re at it, we might also question the motives of a presidential candidate who is calling for another 100,000 troops to fight in this worthless war.

The folks in Washington also missed a second message: The American people want “homeland security” to start at home by completely overhauling our immigration policies to make it more difficult for those who are our enemies to get into the country.

The first step should be the sealing of our borders and prosecution of those who assist invaders in any way, whether it’s directly helping to smuggle them into the country or by providing them with employment when they get here. Maybe by putting a couple thousand greedy corporate executives in the joint might help reduce the flow of illegal invaders.

No other country is as open to invasion as we are.

Finally, in case they are confused about this, the Democratic Party needs to know that we didn’t vote for them because we think they are any more honorable than the theocrats in the Republican Party.

We voted for them only because the news media won’t permit anyone from the America First Party, Libertarian Party, Green Party or independent candidates get their message to the public.

As Americans, we must investigate these alternatives via the Internet and then put pressure on the news media in this country to give these viable alternatives a fair chance to be heard.

A close look would reveal they more accurately reflect the views of most Americans.

Richard D. Manuel

Grove City, Ohio