Enough is Enough

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 9, 2006

To the Editor:

I happened to read the article entitled “Killing our city with Embarrassment” and I was flabbergasted with not only the title but also the stretch and spin used to connect the title to the article.

Fact: The Selma Times-Journal has been inundated with negative articles submitted by what appears to be an organized and concerted effort to not only embarrass the local government, but to derail any attempt to increase the quality of life for the citizens of Selma. (The same persons are submitting negative and slanderous articles to the Editor on a consistent basis and The Selma Times-Journal continuously print these articles).

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Fact: The persons perpetrating this scheme have been allowed to defame this city, the local government, and the citizens of this city with little or no public outcry. (When these people talk about the local government, they are talking about we the people, our children, our families, our wives, our husbands. our businesses and themselves.)

Fact: Information containing the same slanderous statements that are placed in The Selma Times-Journal is also placed on the Internet at a covert Web site. (The authors of the Web site have not revealed their identity; however, it is apparent that they are one in the same or are getting their information from the same source.)

There is a sign in Selma that says “Where History Meets Hospitality.”

The statement on this sign has a profound meaning; however, it means nothing if the people of Selma are not willing to bind together, work together, and be hospitable to each other.

Fact: The citizens of Selma have allowed an elected official to stand in front of a local dilapidated (service station) business and proclaim the city is dying without bringing this official to task.

This elected official should have taken an oath of office which included an ethical and allegiance proclamation. This official should be leading the charge to ensure the enforcement of all building codes, fire codes and statues, including the codes being violated by his cohort and property owner as revealed during the news broadcast.

Fact: The owner of the dilapidated building published an article in the local newspaper entitled “Killing our city with Embarrassment.” First bring your dilapidated building on Highland Avenue up to code so that your friend cannot go on television and use it to embarrass the city while also unknowingly embarrassing you.

As Christians we should be committed to living a life that is Christ like. This means we should model the life of Christ at all times and in all ways. It is time for the citizens of Selma to say “Enough is Enough,” and to the real group of destructionist (and they know who they are) stop trying to destroy and defame the good City of Selma.

While your true agenda is hidden from the general public, God knows who you are and what your agenda is. Truly give your life to Christ today while the blood is still running warm in your veins, then you will become a part of the solution and not the problem.

Clementine Madison