SFD receives monetary reward

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 3, 2006

The Selma Times-Journal

Bob Meyers of State Farm Insurance presented a check to the Selma Fire Department on Friday to be used to educate young people about fire safety and crisis management.

Selma Fire Chief Henry Allen said the $1,500 would be used for fire prevention. SFD Fire prevention coordinator Capt. Tim Watson said the State Farm sponsored outing held in October 2006 will be made an annual event.

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Firefighters served hotdogs, demonstrated fire truck equipment and even showed students how the Jaws of Life worked, demonstrating on a crushed vehicle. The event was designed to get young people and families to think about safety in all areas. There were also give-a-ways and a poster contest. The 13 winners of the poster contest may have their work featured in a calendar.

“If it just reminds one family to go home and check their smoke detector batteries, then it was worth it,” Watson said. The purpose of their prevention and safety program includes showing children how to make emergency calls, through a simulated 911 call.

“We hope they never have to use it in real life, but if it does happen they’ll know what to say or do,” Watson said.

Meyers, a Selma insurance company executive, said the contribution is “giving back.”

“When there’s a fire, it’s usually children who suffer the most. We want to help to develop the fire prevention program in Selma and the outlying communities,” Meyers said. “We’re trying to give back as much as we can.”