Alabama election too exclusive

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 27, 2006

To the Editor:

May I, as an independent voter, express my disgust with just two among several aspects of our electoral process?

Firstly, it is with certain election officials who have been quoted in some newspapers sniveling because they had to expend a little extra effort and time processing lawfully generated write-in votes as is their duty under law.

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Secondly, and primarily, it is with Alabama’s obscenely overly restrictive ballot access law which was instituted by Democratic and Republican legislators with the intent of making our elections exclusive to just them, and shutting out of the process other candidates who offer different and frequently better ideas on how to govern.

This is to the detriment of Alabamians who don’t hear those views expressed as a direct consequence of those candidates being denied ballot and debate access.

Those few voters who find ways to access the views of minor party candidates expressed their support for them at the ballot box, and now the tally of their votes seems to be a mystery.

Don Seibold


More on the Iraq quagmire

To the Editor:

Solution to our Iraq quagmire, as it always has been since stupidly invading the country, is a State Department one, not military. Yes, it also requires military backup but this is, and always has been, predominately a civil problem.

What else can you expect from our incompetent, inept government, Presidential with Congressional backup.

James L. Nix