High speed chase ends in multiple crashes

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 26, 2006

One man in custody

By Deborah Goodwin

the Selma Times-Journal

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Efforts to elude law enforcement could have been tragic.

On last night, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department was is pursuit of a driver of a dark blue Nissan Maxima.

The pursuit ended when the car crashed head on into Cleckler’s

Produce at 800 Dallas Ave.

The name of driver of the car was not release by the SPD.

Unfortunately an innocent driver and a sheriff are said to have been injured during the pursuit. Both the

sheriff’s car and the innocent driver’s car sustained major damage.

The sheriff’s car came to rest against a tree with the rear driver’s side tire missing.

The driver had

probably a sustained &8220;a few scratches &8220;according to detective Barnham.

The car demolished the Lauderdale and Dallas Ave. side of Clecklers taking out supporting beams.

The car was holding the building up at that point.

SPD were on the phone with the owner of the produce stand informing him of the shape of his business.

The Selma Fire Department was at the scene along with Emergystat Ambulance Service.

Many spectators were at the scene on Dallas which looked as if a bulldozer had come through the building.

A representative from Sheriff’s Department was not available for comment at press time.

Donnie Coffee contributed to this report.