You can help United Way help others

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 22, 2006

To the Editor:

This year’s United Way campaign is in the final stages. And I wanted to tell the community how great they are.

The support we have received has been wonderful.

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The past two years have been trying for our organization and the agencies we support. Our community was affected so severely by hurricanes Ivan and Katrina. We have suffered much and have provided so much to our friends and neighbors.

You do not have to look very far to see your donations at work in our county. The Red Cross here provided and still provides much needed assistance to those affected by disasters large and small. This year alone they have aided 142 local families. The beautiful new YMCA is a testament to the support our local youth are receiving.

The fact that we have so many services available to us provided by the agencies supported by your United Way makes our lives so much easier and the quality of life here so high. Everyone of us is positively affected in one way or another by one of these agencies.

By giving to the United Way you are giving them the support they need, one donation helps 15 local agencies to do their work. All of your money stays in our community, working for us everyday. Your United Way continues to seek out other ways to help our area. Our HealthLink program with our great partner Vaughan Community Health Services has helped thousands of people get their prescription drugs free or and greatly reduced costs.

Our Diabetes Education Program is working with clients to learn more about their disease and how to manage it. We are working with the Children’s Policy Council to find more ways to improve the outlook for our youth.

We are working to keep our community prepared for disaster with the Dallas County VOAD program.

Your investment in the United Way goes so far to help others, please make a gift today. Our campaign will conclude on Dec. 31, our goal is $450,000.00, with out your help we will not be able to help our agencies in they way they need it most.

Call us at 874-8383, or send your donation directly to us at P.O. Box 298, Selma, AL


Thank you for all you have done Selma and Dallas County, you the people of this community make it a great place to live.

Jeff Cothran

United Way of Selma & Dallas County