‘Killing’ our city with embarrassment

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 22, 2006

To the Editor:

The supposed “attempted assassination” of the chief of police has become an embarrassment to many citizens in Selma. It has become a travesty since the time of the charges, to the time of the occurrence, the lack of a weapon, and only the word of an unidentified third party making an accusation of attempted murder and gang involvement.

Judge Armstrong, District Attorney Jackson, thank you for seeing through this “mess” and doing what is right.

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The Freedom Party and Mrs. Sanders have talked many times of justice. Justice is not being served by allowing these two “suspects” to be railroaded by a legal system that’s sole purpose is t draw attention away from the fact that the chief of police does not live at the Minter address.

According to public information, he has not been living at that address for some time, possibly never.

Mayor, city council, please stop these antics concerning a further investigation by the FBI, ABI or whomever else you have approached.

This has gone too far and is very damaging to our city and its image in the Black Belt.

What an embarrassment.

Gene Hisel