County, city need new school system

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 19, 2006

To the Editor:

Just wanted to voice my view on the issue of a new high school in Selma. Looking at this issue, the mayor is correct. We do need a new school, but not just for Selma, but for the whole county.

Really look at the state of our high schools in the city and county. They are all – as in the case with Selma – falling down.

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Are we not all being told that the population has been decreasing? That being the case, why are there two school systems? When you look at the surrounding counties, they all have one school system for everyone in that county.

We need to do the same. The funds to build and maintain a new school would then be produced, not to mention the accountability to the taxpayer.

Our local governments will just have to sit down and there will have to be some give and take. But as politicians always tell us when taxes come up on the ballots, “it’s for the children.”

The people here need to get to a point where we stop looking at the vessel, but the message. I am one that heard you, Mayor.

George Thames

Valley Grande