Hearing set for duo accused of police chief break-in

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Selma Times-Journal

The juvenile charged with criminal mischief and the breaking and entering of Selma Police Chief Jimmy Martin’s apartment lived in the same apartment complex, police said.

The youth, along with 22-year-old Michael Bezzlle Hunter were arrested and charged with trashing Martin’s 2501 Minter Ave. office apartment, and allegedly lying in wait to kill him. Authorities said they admitted their plan was to surprise Martin when he returned.

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Martin had been out of town attending a meeting in Troy and said when he returned he noticed the door ajar.

Hunter and the juvenile, who was transported to a Baldwin County juvenile detention facility, have a preliminary hearing in Dallas County District Court set for Nov. 20.

Hunter remained jailed Tuesday on $90,000 bond.

The Selma City Council on Monday publicly called for investigations from the FBI, Alabama Bureau of Investigations and the State Attorney General’s office. City officials said the incident was “very, very serious.” District Attorney Michael Jackson also expressed concern over any alleged plot to murder a police chief, saying his office may try to have the juvenile certified and tried as an adult.

According to police reports the juvenile and Hunter were living in Minter Terrance Apartments with their grandmothers. However, neither were listed as tenants. The juvenile, who moved away from Alabama when he was nine to live with an aunt in Atlanta, Ga., recently returned to Selma and police said registered at Selma High on Sept. 29.

Police said they didn’t have any further information regarding the juvenile, other than his grandmother, who will not be identified for risk of identifying the youth, who said he was an honor roll student. When Hunter was arrested his grandmother was reportedly hospitalized.

According to police nothing was taken, but Martin’s clothes were damaged by what appeared to be urine. The suspects arrested also told police they defecated on the carpet.