The List / It’s either the best or worst time to be an NCAA football fan

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 12, 2006

Riddle: What do fans of Troy, Alabama State and Alabama A&M have in common?

Answer: They pull for state teams that actually won Saturday.

I know none of ya’ll Alabama and Auburn folks are happy right now.

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But don’t worry. You’re not the only ones suffering from the aftershocks of “weren’t supposed to” games.

We’ll talk about the biggest shockers and upsets when we go down “The List.”

5. Rutgers over Louisville – This game was pretty much the test to see if the Cardinals were worth the national championship hype.

There’s a big, fat red “F” all over that report card.

And the Scarlet Knights? Their record is perfect, and if all the teams ahead of them in the BCS poll died in plane crashes, people would still question whether they deserved to be playing in the national title game.

Ahh, the New Jersey curse is alive and well.

4. Wake Forest over Florida State – I’ve got seven words for this game: “Please, daddy, may I have some more?”

30-0. Are you kidding me?

I don’t care that the Demon Deacons came in at No. 18 and the Seminoles are unranked. Wake Forest should not have beaten FSU this badly. They probably shouldn’t have won at all.

And don’t talk to me about Wake being for real. Anybody can look good against a team that commits four turnovers.

3. Kansas State over Texas – The Longhorns shut down K. State’s running game, allowing just 22 yards.

But psssst, hey, Texas. Guys, lemme tell ya a secret. That guy that puts his hands underneath the center’s unmentionable parts, yells strange words and numbers and throws the ball. He’s called a quarterback. Ya gotta stop him, too.

The Wildcats used four different passers – including two tailbacks and a receiver – that threw for a combined 357 yards.

2. LSU over Alabama – All right. Technically this wasn’t an upset.

But it’s important because with Auburn’s loss, the Crimson Tide and Tigers fell on the same weekend for the first time since Sept. 6 2003. And for $1,000, whom did each team lose to? I’ll let you all chew on that one.

And you know what this means. If Alabama loses to Auburn this Saturday, disgruntled Tide fans won’t be able to back a U-Haul into Mike Shula’s front yard fast enough.

1. Georgia over Auburn – Note to disillusioned Tigers’ fans: The Bulldogs are really, really good. Take away the obscene amount of turnovers they’ve committed this year, and they’re one of the national title hopefuls.

As it turns out, it was Auburn that showed how quickly things can go bad when you give the ball to the other team.

I just thought it was funny how Brandon Cox wanted to punch anything in a red jersey after every interception he threw. He weighs, what, a buck 85, and he’s bowing up on defensive linemen? Yeah, that’ll be a fair fight.

And now for this important public service announcement: Don’t bet on college football. It’ll make you broke and stupid.

George L. Jones is sports editor of The Selma Times-Journal. He can be reached at .