Selma native appears

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 8, 2006

on CBS soap opera today

submitted to the times-journal

Selma native Kianne’ Nicole Fuller Muschett will appear on the CBS soap opera “Guiding Light” today as news reporter Gabby Pierce.

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appearance as a

dayplayer on “Guiding Light” is one of many credits

she has acquired since graduating from Rutgers University with a Master of Theatre Arts in May.

She just finished a short film that was submitted to Steven Spielberg for production.

She also completed an independent film shot in Memphis, Tenn. in which she played a principal role.

Muschett received her undergraduate degree from the University of Alabama in Finance before moving to Memphis where she met her husband Roger who is from Jamaica. Although she now resides in Long Island, N.Y.,

Muschett said that she will never forget her Selma upbringing from her mother Leola Fuller and her strong spiritual background from her grandfather Elijah Fuller who was a Baptist minister.

“I am always proud to say that I am from Selma, Alabama,”

Muschett said.

The Selma High School graduate said that her third grade teacher, Mrs. Joy Hobson, inspired her and gave her confidence. Enrichment programs like Odyssey of the Mind while in the fifth grade at Cedar Park Elementary exposed her to the world beyond Selma.

As a teenager the Blackbelt Arts and Cultural Center initiated her into theater and the arts. Muschett said that her high school English teachers had a major impact on

her life choices, crediting Mrs. A. M. Johnson and the late Mrs. Gayla Okeke.

“Those teachers kept pushing me to succeed,”

she said.

“They taught me never to stop, continue to study hard and do good.”

As a result, Muschett is extremely goal oriented.

“I want to do it all,”

she said.

“I want to be on Broadway, Daytime, Primetime and even feature films.”

Since graduating from Rutgers, Muschett appeared on “All My Children” before acquiring the more recent role on Guiding Light.

She said she was a little star struck when sat across from “Erika” in the dressing chair remembering that Susan Lucci “is so tiny in person.”

Since that time, Muschett stage read for the musical Deliver the Dance where she played a lead role and auditioned with “Laura” from “Family Matters” – Kellie Shanygne Williams.

She recalled the meeting and sense of awe that she had,

but countered with what she learned from her theater instructor.

“It’s no longer about us and them, we are all on the same platform.

“Don’t give them your power.”

Later the director told her that she had a great audition and was surprised when she said she was from Selma, Ala.

Not surprisingly, Muschett remembered the words of her mother who told her – “You are no better than anyone else and no one else is better than you.

Keep God first.

Keep trying and the sky is the limit.”

“Guiding Light” appears on WAKA Channel 8 weekdays at 2