New board will help protect the public

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Assistant District Attorney Shannon Lynch is a tireless worker when it comes to protecting the public from sexual predators.

A new coalition, the Dallas County Sexual Offender Management Board, plans to implement closer restraints on sex offenders.

To ensure they are able to do that, the coalition needs the public’s help.

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“We need the help of everyone in the community to let us know where these sexual predators are located,” Lynch said. “If they are hiding we will find them and arrest them. But concerned communities can be our best resource to locate them faster.”

Lynch has worked to update the county’s database of convicted sex offenders, who are required to register in the Dallas County Sheriffs Office upon release from incarceration.

If they fail to register within 10 days, it constitutes a felony.

There are others who will serve on the board, including Sheriff Harris Huffman, Police Chief Jimmy Martin and Connie Wiltbank, victims advocate for Sabra Sanctuary.

In order to accomplish their mission, the board will notify all those that live within 1,500 feet from a released sex offender, and all schools and child care facilities within a three-mile radius.

The board will also ensure that all sex offenders are registered with the sheriffs department, and the SPD if they live within the city, in compliance with Alabama Code.

Sexual abuse is a serious problem in Dallas County, as it is across the country. Any effort that helps curb the number of assaults is welcome and should be supported by the public.