Let’s move forward together

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 8, 2006

This week, local citizens went to the polls to select county and state leaders who will guide us through the next few years.

No matter who you voted for, or who you may have supported, the voters have now spoken.

It’s time for all residents to pull together and get behind our elected leaders – but on a local

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and statewide level.

This is a critical time for our state, and for Dallas County. While some parts of the state need to plan and develop their growth, other areas – such as the Black Belt – just need a sustainable economy.

Of concern is the fact that less than 50 percent of eligible voters turned out to cast their ballots.Why is this?

We need to examine our apathy and determine what should be done to encourage more voters.

For the most part, Tuesday’s election seemed to go smoothly. There were a few complaints about lack of privacy at some of the voting precincts. Surely something can be done with a couple of pieces of plywood to give privacy to those voters who want it.

New voters – particularly our young, first-time voters are sometimes intimidated by the process. Walking into a polling place can be confusing. It doesn’t help if your name isn’t on the list and the poll workers don’t seem interested in helping you. While most poll workers go above and beyond the call of duty, there are some who seem less than enthusiastic.

We have to make the process clear and easily understandable for these first-time voters because we want voting to be something they do throughout their lives.

Now that the outcome of this year’s election is known, let’s pull together, push together, or at least get out of the way of those who want progress.