LA not hurting too much to win first-round contest

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 2, 2006

The Selma Times-Journal

Art Sullivan said his team would be ready for the playoffs win or lose.

That had better be true because they’re going into this week’s game against Marengo in a bad way.

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All kinds of things went wrong in Lowndes Academy’s blowout loss to Fort Dale last week, including the injuries of a couple of players.

But Sullivan said the Rebels (9-1) have bounced back nicely and rubbed out the bad taste last Thursday’s game left in their mouths.

A team that people have continually mentioned as state title contenders now considers the slate clean.

“We’ve had the best practices this week that we’ve probably had this year,” Sullivan said. “That loss was probably a blessing in disguise. The kids have had good concentration.”

Both the starting and backup left tackles went down with what seemed to be serious injuries last week, but Sullivan said they will be about 75 percent for Friday’s game.

Marengo (7-3) is a team with a versatile offense. Sullivan said he watched them run the Wing-T and then spread out and put the ball all over the field.

“They’re sound. They don’t make a lot of mistakes,” Sullivan said. “Defensively, they’re also really sound. They run to the ball real well.”

Marengo’s situation is a polar opposite from that of Lowndes. The Longhorns are fresh off a comeback win over Class AAA Cottage Hill.

But the Rebels aren’t too worried about that.

This game is the next step in their ultimate goal of winning a state championship.

“I think we’re going to be okay,” Sullivan said. “I feel good about it.”