Column/Top things that went wrong during the week

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 30, 2006

7. SEC’s new division – In case you didn’t hear, SEC basketball has expanded to include the SEC Wast.

I’m not sure if this will be a third division or if it will be a combination of the West and East divisions, but I do know Alabama is picked to win the SEC Wast.

Okay, now that we’ve all had a good laugh, I’m calling “My bad” on that one.

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And I’m checking to see if my spell check still works.

6. Cream of the ACC fell – The Atlantic Coast Conference – actually a few of its most notable teams – is reeling after this weekend.

Florida State lost (again!) and No. 10 Clemson pretty much sat down against Virginia Tech.

By the way, Georgia Tech beat Miami. And they didn’t even need stun guns.

5. Concordia lost – Talk about your cruel ironies. Edward Waters came in squatting on a goose egg in the win column and takes down the conference’s defending champion.

But at least it was an exciting game. Don’t try telling anyone wearing green and gold that, but it was.

4. Michael Vick is turning into a quarterback – Whoa, whoa! Where did this come from? He passed for a career-high four touchdowns two weeks ago and threw for three more in a 29-27 win over Cincinnati Sunday.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. A patient Vick went through reads, lingered in the pocket and even threw to check down receivers.

Could it be that the man with the 53 percent career completion rate is sacrificing excitement for wins?

3. Red Auerbach died – If you call yourself a basketball fan and have just recently heard that name, you might as well throw yourself off the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

Some people called the former coach and general manager of the Boston Celtics a basketball genius. Other people loathed him, but only because they knew he was better than they were.

Every successful sports franchise and countless other athletes and coaches owe Auerbach for everything he did for the game.

It’s almost a good thing he doesn’t have to continue seeing the sloppy mess the league has become.

2. Tiger Woods opts to rest – Not that there’s anything wrong with the greatest golfer in the world avoiding the last event of the season.

But the people who are actually dumb enough to bet on golf would like a little more advance warning.

Does the PGA actually have a season? Really, does it?

1. Detroit lost the World Series – I originally picked the Tigers to beat the New York Mets, but stayed with Detroit when St. Louis won the National League pennant.

In doing that, I overlooked two huge things.

One, the Cardinals have been to the World Series recently (swept by Boston in 2004).

And second, Albert Pujols is a dangerous, dangerous man. He didn’t really have an outstanding series himself, but offensive star power like that spreads through the lineup.

Do you think Scott Rolen and MVP David Eckstein would have played so well without Big Al? Uhh, nuh.

George L. Jones is sports editor of The Selma Times-Journal. He can be reached at .