‘Continuous Progress’

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 20, 2006

Celebration held in Dallas County schools

Submitted to The Times-Journal

School staff and administrators from across the Dallas County School System gathered in the Martin Middle School gymnasium Wednesday afternoon to celebrate “Continuous Progress” in the county schools.

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“The State Department of Education sets criteria, which applies to every school in the state of Alabama, and which measures the degree of progress in various pre-determined areas,” said Superintendent Dr. Fannie Major-McKenzie. “These goals differ from school to school, depending upon the demographic makeup of the community, and the school’s population. In other words, each of our schools is judged upon criteria unique to the circumstances of that particular school.”

The purpose of the Wednesday event was to congratulate county school personnel on steadily improving results in Average Yearly Progress (AYP) assessments, in practically every category, in almost every school.

McKenzie singled out each campus, by announcing their individual progress, in meeting annual AYP goals.

Salem Elementary met 13 out of 13 goals, Five Points Elementary met 13 of 13, Keith High met 12 of 13, Brantley Elementary met 15 of 17, J.E. Terry Elementary met 13 of 13, Valley Grande Elementary met 21 of 21, Martin Middle School met 17 of 17, Dallas County High barely missed meeting all goals, but McKenzie was quick to point out that DCHS was recently voted by the public in a recent Selma Times-Journal poll as the Best Public High School in Dallas County.

Southside Primary met 17 of 17 goals, Shiloh met 13 of 13, Bruce K. Craig Elementary met 17 of 17, Tipton Middle School met 17 of 17 and Southside High, which met 11 of 13 goals last year, just missed AYP goals this year, due to a slight decrease in student mathematics participation.

In addition, McKenzie praised several schools who have demonstrated exceptional progress in the Voyager reading Improvement Program results. Silver medal status schools are Salem, J.E. Terry and Shiloh, while Southside Primary received Gold Medal status, one of only five schools in Alabama to achieve that level.

In addition, McKenzie proudly announced that principals of three county system schools recently accompanied her to a State Board of Education meeting in Montgomery during which schools were recognized and given monetary awards for distinguishing themselves academically.

The three Dallas County schools so honored were:

Southside Primary

Tipton Middle School

Shiloh Elementary

Each school received a cash award of $8,500 from the State Department.

The funds are to be used as the school principals see fit, to address pressing needs on their individual campuses.

During the celebration, various board members and supervisory staff heaped praises upon the school staff members and principals.

Assistant Superintendent Freeman Waller told the group, “All of you recognized the importance of our need, and you rose to the occasion.”

Board member Peggy Williamson said, “You so often do a wonderful job, without recognition. The board just wants to publicly thank you.”

Board Chairman William Minor added, “It feels so good to give thanks for all of your hard work and your continuous improvement.”

Board member Ollis Grayson told those assembled, “I’m so proud of you and Dr. McKenzie and the job you have done. Keep up the good work!”