Questions about city matters

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 15, 2006

To the Editor:

The Mayor indicated on View Point that he would like public discussions on issues. In line with that request I have some questions that could start a discussion.

1. Why is it mandatory that businesses in Selma are required to use only surge protectors and not extension cords yet the city uses indoor extension cords outside when hooking up Christmas lights?

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2. If the city has an attorney why is there a need to hire additional attorneys to handle an appeal?

3. If trash collection is a service that is paid for why do so many have this service and are not paying for it? There have been cans placed downtown on each corner who is going to pay for these?

4. In the before mentioned cans, the bags are only lifted out by hand so any loose trash is left in the can to begin to smell … Who is going to clean this out?

5. How is it that when a person is involved in an accident which results in injuries and one party leaves the scene and then returns sometime later is allowed to leave the scene again? Is that not a hit and run?

6 At the before mention accident, why did the officer seem not to be sure of what to do?

These are just a few questions that need some discussion.

George Thames

Valley Grande