Police officers did nothing wrong

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 13, 2006

To the Editor:

I feel the need to write this letter, after reading Victor Inge’s article on the $310,000 monetary reward, not award, to Kendaka Sanders.

First: Weber is not spelled with two bee’s, just one. Victor Inge has been around Selma long enough to know Chuck, from when Inge was a reporter the first time around, with STJ.

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I personally know all of the officers involved in this incident. They are good, law-abiding, caring persons. They are damn good police officers. Chuck Weber served this City for over 25, unforgiving years, only to be accused of “lying,” by someone who admittedly had a personal problem with him. I think you need to check that “jurors” back. He/she just may have a slot for someone to insert a hand there.

Second: Everybody knows Jimmy Nunn is not sufficient representation for anyone. Henry Pitts, or any other qualified lawyer, would have had this lawsuit dismissed a long time ago.

And everyone knows, or so it would seem, that lawyers have long held to the practice of continuing cases for years, just for the purpose of hoping one of the parties involved would forget or give conflicting testimony. Why else would it have taken six (6) years for this to come to a close?

Third: All of the officers named in the lawsuit, with the exception of Chuck Weber, were fairly new to the job and probably had not been properly

trained in the Police Academy for dealing with the types of animals they would have to deal with in Selma, this class also includes the Chestnut, Sanders, Sanders, Pettway, and however many other

“law” partners they have.

To my knowledge, once again with the exception of Chuck, all of these officers are still gainfully employed in law enforcement, with more professional departments, in cities and counties with more appreciative citizens.

They did nothing wrong, just because a few “ringers” swayed the other members of a jury says so.

They should all hold their heads high and be proud of our chosen profession.

Lastly, I do not know Mr. Inge’s political affiliations, but by reading his articles, I feel that he is slanted towards the King James Gang.

I know Mr. Inge, and believe it or not, I do respect him.

Mike Palmer