Column/Upset games or just plain overlooked?

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 9, 2006

So, I get it now.

The University of Arkansas has something against football teams in Alabama. Quick check. Are the Razorbacks playing Troy any time soon?

Saturday’s college football games were just plain funny.

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Unless you’re an Auburn fan. And from 6 p.m. to, oh say, 8:40, Alabama fans weren’t laughing much, either.

As my friend Donnie Coffee put it, maybe it was the full moon.

Mmmm, maybe. But for a guy whose favorite team took the weekend off, it sure was fun to watch.

6. Michigan over Michigan State – Mario Manningham for Heisman? The kid was just plain sick. And I really can’t believe all the people who were shocked this game was a blowout.

Hello. These are the Wolverines that beat the gold off Notre Dame’s helmets.

5. Tigers over Yankees – And there goes the curveball. Weren’t expecting me to throw that in there, were ya?

Once again, I’ll say it’s a pity more people didn’t see this coming.

Detroit has great pitching. New York has lots of money. Cash is nice if you’re in the market for a new Mercedes, but it ain’t gonna get you to the World Series.

4. N.C. State over Florida State – My other favorite team is starting to look eerily similar to last year’s Seminoles.

There are two teams Bobby Bowden always has trouble beating – Clemson and the Wolfpack. And this year he’s lost to both of them.

Goodbye national title. Goodbye hopes and dreams of Garnet and Gold fans.

Goodbye, Mr. Chips. Oh, wait …

3. Big Oil over American drivers – Oh, way to go, gas companies. Just get us all excited about falling pump prices and then, bam! Hit us over the head with a spiked 2×4.

All across this country, people were holding “Gas Prices Gashed” parties and planning trips they should have been able to take months ago. Then gas prices go up.

Well, I’m telling you now I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.

(Economist whispering in my ear) Say whuh? People who drive 3,000-pound pickups have to take it and shut up about it? But I … Sigh. Moving on.

2. Alabama over Duke – Technically, this wasn’t an upset. Technically.

I believe my words this past Friday were that Duke would “make it a game for a quarter, maybe a quarter and a half” and that Alabama would thereafter treat the Blue Devils like “the timid guy in prison.”

Uhhh, thanks for making me look good on that, guys.

In my haste – and totally abandoning my love for numbers – I overlooked the fact that Duke has one of the top rushing defenses in the nation. And Alabama, well, they just can’t run the football. Until Saturday, at least.

Hey! Who’s ready for Ole Miss, huh?

1. Arkansas over Auburn – Wheeeew. At Jordan-Hare, no less.

After checking with the company lawyers, it has been determined that what I really want to say about this game will probably get me fired.

So, I’ll just say this much. If all this talk about “doing things the right way” and playing for a national title is going to mean anything, games like this have to be won.

George L. Jones is sports editor of The Selma Times-Journal. He can be reached at .