‘Wiping Out Domestic Violence’ one toilet at a time

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 24, 2006

SABRA kicks off Rent-A-Potty fundraiser

By Cassandra Mickens

The Selma Times-Journal

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Purple toilets are unusual bathroom fixtures. Especially when they’re spotted on a downtown sidewalk or a manicured front lawn.

Yet the majestic-hued thrones aren’t so quirky to the SABRA Sanctuary Foundation’s board of directors. The anti-domestic violence organization has acquired eight ceramic toilets to initiate its Rent-A-Potty fundraiser in Selma area banks today.

Inspired by the creative fundraising efforts of the American Cancer Society chapter in Natchez, Miss., SABRA seeks to collect funds as part of its “Wiping Out Domestic Violence” campaign, said board member Lee Wiltsie.

But how will toilets supply a monetary boost?

Wiltsie said participants

may complete a “Wipe Out” registration form today at their respective banks and make a $25 donation for SABRA’s

Potty Patrol to deliver a toilet to a business or residence of their choice. Once the toilet is delivered, the recipient may choose to make a $25 donation to remove the toilet from their property and have it delivered to another site. And the cycle continues.

Participants might opt to pay an additional $15 for a plumber’s pass, which “eliminates the possibility of a potty being placed at that location again,” Wiltsie said.

In addition to the purple toilets – purple being the signature color of violence awareness – Sabra will deliver “Alabama potties, Auburn potties and customized potties” for birthdays, anniversaries, high school football teams, etc., Wiltsie said.

And before it slipped her mind, Wiltsie added one more pertinent detail.

“Southern Pipe donated all eight potties so they’re clean potties and they have not been used before,” she said chuckling.

Toilet deliveries will begin on Monday, Oct. 2 and end Friday, Oct. 6. Despite the fundraiser’s unusual concept, Wiltsie hopes Rent-A-Potty will be a success.

“We thought (the idea) was cute,” Wiltsie said. “We’re feeling our way through this. I don’t believe it has ever been done in Selma.”

For more information regarding the fundraiser, call Sabra at (334) 877-4645 or e-mail .