Thumbs up for Selma school spirit

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 24, 2006

To the Editor:

Do you remember this popular chant from football or basketball games?

&8220;We’ve got spirit, yes we do!

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We’ve got spirit, how about you?&8221;

And then the return of

&8220;We’ve got more! We’ve got more!&8221;

This brief letter is a &8220;thumbs up&8221; for the making of a great game and the great spirit shown by Selma High School and Lanier High School (Montgomery).

Here are a few things that made the game great and the spirit greater:

1. The camaraderie of the cheerleaders during half time.

(The home cheerleaders

cross the football field to greet the visiting cheerleaders and

linked together the home and visiting cheerleaders

return to the home side for

snacks or sodas. Good fellowship.)

2. After the game the coaches, coaching staff, team aides,

players of each team, and cheerleaders lined up to shake hands.

(Good sportsmanship.)

3. The bands (Selma and Lanier) performed well during half time and even entertained the crowd with a battle of the band competition after the game.

The bands ended the competition this way:

From across the field, Lanier’s band

waved and sang together &8220;Good night, Selma!&8221;

And Selma’s band returned the wave and sang together, &8220;Good night, Lanier!&8221;

(Good respect.)

It was a great game!

And great spirit, everybody!

Tina Smiley (aka Price)