Column/A tribute to the weekend’s ugly games

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 24, 2006

3. Auburn-Buffalo – So, what exactly is up with Auburn’s offense?

I admire Tommy Tuberville’s policy of not embarrassing lesser opponents for the sake of poll votes.

But still, there’s no way the Tigers’ game against the Bulls should have been a two-possession contest going into the fourth quarter.

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Kenny Irons was hurt. I got it.

Brandon Cox passed the ball just enough times to show his arm still works. Still trying to figure out what that’s about.

Games like these pose an interesting scenario for me.

Is it best to limit the amount of time your starters spend on the field in light of an opponent that doesn’t affect your chances of winning a conference championship?

Or will the lack of live game reps hurt you against a league opponent next week?

We’ll see.

2. Alabama-Arkansas – Do I have to talk about this game?

It was fugly. Ugly isn’t an appropriate word. This game was plain tore up.

Missed extra points? From both kickers?

Well, we know two things.

One, Arkansas will probably try the water boy out at place-kicker this week.

And second, Leigh Tiffin isn’t exactly the ice-cold assassin his daddy was. At least, not right now.

Hey, that makes me think of an analogy: Arkansas is to Leigh Tiffin as LSU is to John Vaughn.

What? I thought it was funny.

1. Morgan-Faith – It’s not fair that small colleges get to play AISA football.

Not picking on Faith Academy, but looking over at its sideline almost made me wonder how many wins it needed to make a bowl berth.

They have a couple of guys with Division-I size.

At points during the game, I caught myself making odd faces after some of the plays they made.

The kind of faces you make when you drink a large Pepsi during a road trip and you realize there’s not a rest stop for another 90 miles.

I’ve got to give the Senators credit. They didn’t let those guys just come in and beat up on them. They were simply outmanned.

If Faith coach Robby James is right about a potential rematch, that’ll be something interesting to see.

As an aside, the Yankees clinching the division last week has done odd things to me.

The entire left side of my body is numb. Normally, that wouldn’t worry me. But I usually find that when the Red Sox choke in the final two months of the season, I lose feeling from the waist down.

I also haven’t shaven in days.

And the usual backup plan of winning the Wild Card is now gone because the Tigers have up and decided to play the way I thought they would two years ago.

But I’m not complaining.

George L. Jones is sports editor of The Selma Times-Journal. He can be reached at .