Why are gas prices higher in Selma?

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 15, 2006

To the Editor:

As the price of gas has come down in the past week, I’m wondering why Selma’s dealers have not kept up with surrounding communities.

Last week I filled up in Russellville for $2.529, later that day I topped off in Sumiton for $2.509.

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In Prattville, Wednesday, I topped off again for $2.489 and again yesterday in Woodstock for $2.519.

Meanwhile the best prices I’ve found in Selma were $2.689 with most stations still at $2.699 to $2.799.

Why? Do we have a gasoline cartel in Selma, or is it just greed?

I would much rather fill my tank when it is near empty here, than top off elsewhere every time I see a good price.

It seems as the price of oil goes up, Selma stations immediately go up, but when the price goes down, Selma stations drag their feet.

I fondly remember the “Gas Wars” of the ’50’s when stations competed for the lowest


Come on Selma, get with it!

Joe Whitacre

Valley Grande