Selma police officers should not be subjected to sensitivity training

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 14, 2006

To the Editor:

It is insulting, demeaning and disrespectful to certified Selma Police Officers to force them to submit to hours of pseudo-Marxist indoctrination called “sensitivity training.”

That Police Chief Jimmy Martin would not protest this indoctrination of his officers is another reason he should not be police chief.

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Why pay someone from New Orleans $1,000 a day for two days to propagandize an already demoralized police force on issues which do not apply to them?

What is the Twomey Center which will provide the indoctrination? According to its web site, “the Twomey Center for Peace Through Justice, Loyola University, New Orleans, seeks to shape social justice consciousness through education and to take action on critical social problems confronting society.

The Twomey Center acts as a catalyst for research and action on critical issues of workers rights, racism, poverty and justice.”

This is leftist goobblegook which is more applicable to Berkeley on the Left Coast than to Selma, Ala.

Who is Ted Quant that Selma will pay $1,000 a day to “teach” our police officers?

I thought it strange that Mayor Perkins would just accidentally find someone from New Orleans to come to Selma.

Then I went to and read Mr. Quant’s biography.

I learned that he “serves on the board and provides training to the 21st Century Youth Leadership Movement based in Selma, Ala.” Everyone knows who owns and runs 21st Century, what their attitude toward law enforcement personnel is, and what the mayor’s connection to them is.

This forced indoctrination of our police officers is another effort by Mayor Perkins and his 21st Century supporters to turn law enforcement personnel into panty-waist wimps who walk unarmed through drug infested neighborhoods spotting potholes and telling citizens where to go to get more government give-aways.

If this trend of converting police officers to glorified social workers continues, Selma will soon be at the mercy of criminals and TrustBuilders.

Cecil Williamson

Councilman Ward 1