Kudos to Henson column

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 12, 2006

To the Editor:

In recent weeks I have been reading the Rev. Michael A. Henson’s (Ward Chapel AME Church) column in the STJ and want him to know how very much I appreciate his approach of presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ.

His method of giving examples of how

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Scriptures apply to our daily lives is what is needed from the pulpits of Christian churches.

His admonitions to the Church (Christians, not buildings) to walk not as the World walks but as the Bible teaches is refreshing in this day and time.

His examples of problem areas in our society today don’t stop with the situations having no hope of repair as he points to the persons who should be having an effect on the perpetrators and tells them what God is expecting them to do.

In other words, being held accountable and doing the right thing IS important – especially in today’s society.

So kudos to you, Rev. Henson, and keep on depending on the Lord to give you the wisdom to preach His Word accurately, courageously, and with compassion!

Many people are depending on you.

Beverly Bonds


Democracy Defense League