Problems with police

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 3, 2006

To the Editor:

I had a problem one Saturday night. There were people throwing beer bottles at my car going down Broad Street.

So I called 911. They told me to go to the police department. I was trying to tell the police officers what happened and they wouldn’t listen.

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I go to my car because my phone was ringing. It was my mother. I was telling her the officer weren’t listening to me. So I was telling her what happened.

I was using profanity while on my phone, leaning on my car. I asked the officer his name because he had no badge on. He told me he didn’t have to tell me.

My mother said ask him again so I will know who to talk to. He still wouldn’t tell me. Well, I was still leaning on my car facing the other way. He came up and snatched me by my arm and wouldn’t even let me hang up my phone before he arrested me for public intoxication.

I know he took me to jail for profanity. I felt they were both being rude and racist. I asked them to call someone else in and they wouldn’t. They said forget them. He wasn’t on duty anyway.

I filed a complaint on the officers and a few days later, he arrested my brother for public intoxication. Strange. The officers did not do a complaint on what had happened to my car.

So when I got out of jail all I had was bruises on my arm from where he grabbed it, bruises on my wrist, a dent in my car,

a court date and a fine.

They need to learn to protect and serve. Don’t abuse your authority. Everybody can wear badges and uniforms.

Tabitha Bradberry