Landfill vote should stand

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 3, 2006

After rejecting a controversial landfill proposal last Monday night, Lowndes County Commissioners were under the impression that the decision was final. However, thanks to some questionable tactics by the opponents, whom are suspected to be Alabama River Partners, LLC (ARP), the commissioners will once again convene to make another vote.

“The opponents are complaining that the meeting wasn’t posted to be in the courthouse,” said District 1 Commissioner Robert Harris. The complaint states that the commission did not comply with Alabama’s open meetings laws. According to the law,

“the deliberative process of governmental bodies shall be open to the public during meetings” and “no meetings of a governmental body may be held without providing notice.”

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The meeting was publicized in this newspaper and others throughout the state, specifically stating the meeting was going to be held at another location due to the expected turnout.

Nevertheless, the meeting will be held again and another vote will be taken. This sounds harmless, but there is always a chance that one commissioner could change their vote. The vote itself was only approved by a slim margin of 3-2. If the vote does change, then the commissioners would force the residents of Lowndes County to live next door to an unwanted landfill.

Let’s hope that the vote remains in favor of opposing the landfill and that the tactics displayed by the opponents, whoever they may be, doesn’t change what is the right decision.