Writer responds to letter on crime

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 1, 2006

To the Editor:

I spoke to Mr. Hisel and he said he will not address the opinionated letter from Frank Smith, but I will.

I will defend Mr. Hisel and the others you involved. Mrs. Newton did not say that all crime was being reported, how could she know?

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She said all crime she was aware of was reported. I think you put words in her mouth.

You might have noticed that Mr. Hisel is not too popular with the paper by the way he writes. You said they printed his letters to support remarks made by Mr. Looper and Mr. Smith (not a relative of yours). I’m sure they wouldn’t do that for him and I don’t think think he would ask.

You have written letters to the STJ before so you know that it usually takes several days to get it printed. Think about the conclusions you have reached and what you are expecting people to believe. If you must criticize someone, then do it to those who deserve it, not these people. You should never throw off on people without facts. It is my opinion that you

have no facts in your letter, just your biased opinion. Stop playing childish games.

Rachell Jackson