Published 12:00 am Friday, September 1, 2006

To the Editor:

This letter is written in response to a fax from Kim & Karen Ballard dated 28 August 2006 to Mr. J.L. Chestnut at WBZF radio, addressed to the Selma Times-Journal, signed by J. Kleitsch, Selma and published on the 29 August 2006 in the STJ.

The author accused me of being “to cheap to pay for legitimate advertising space.” I was trained at the Air War College at tax payers expense how to best utilize the media to my advantage. This is exactly what I have been doing and when elected Probate Judge, this is exactly what I plan to do for the betterment of Selma and Dallas County. I will promote our city and county throughout the state and country using the “Open Media”. My educational background is one of many assets that I will bring to the Probate Judge’s Office.

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The author also accuses me of “pretending to be a liberal” while sending letters out claiming to be a “card carrying Riley conservative.”

I would like to remind the author I was Governor Riley’s Campaign Coordinator for Dallas County during his first win and I am proud to be in the same position for his second win. I’m proud to say I’m a Bob Riley conservative and Yes, I will use these “Close Ties” to Governor Riley for the betterment of Selma and Dallas

County when I become Probate Judge.

I highly suggest the author check her remaining facts for accuracy as it might, at a later date add to her credibility in future letters. This GHOST WRITER’S ramblings obviously tie her to the “Ballard Boys.”

Col. Brock Wells

Dallas County, Ala.