School taxes renewed

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Selma Times-Journal

Just over 1,200 residents voted to renew countywide and district taxes for Dallas County and Selma City Schools during a special election on Tuesday.

Approximately 1,241 voters made it to the county’s 32 precincts to decide whether to restore a 3.5-mill and a 5-mill countywide tax. Revenues generated from these taxes are shared between the city and county schools. On Monday, Dallas County Superintendent Fannie Major-McKenzie said the countywide taxes generate approximately $1.2 million for county schools.

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According to an unofficial summary report released by the Dallas County Probate Office shortly after 8 p.m. Tuesday, 1,104 residents (89.39 percent) voted yes to renewing the 3.5-mill countywide tax while 131 residents (10.61 percent) voted against the renewal.

Approximately 1,093 residents (89.08 percent) were in favor of the 5-mill countywide tax while 134 (10.92 percent) were not.

School district tax renewals were also on Tuesday’s ballot. Over 550 voters (92.95 percent) in Selma City (District 36) decided to renew the city schools’ 3-mill tax, with 16 precincts counted. Exactly 540 (86.12 percent) voters in Dallas County (District 37) renewed the county schools’ 3-mill tax, which generates $400,000 for the system. Nineteen precincts were counted in the county’s district tax vote.