Do something about the St. James

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 19, 2006

To the Editor:

Each time we stayed in Selma we were thrilled to stay at the St. James.

The beautiful view of the river from the suites was incredible and we

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looked forward to it each time.

Until April of this year that is.

When we arrived in our suite, the smell and the disarray of the room was

in evidence.

The room had not been sanitized nor had it been properly cleaned for the next guest.

The shower in the suite was filthy – with a

cigar butt in the soap dish – that was dripping brown ooze.

I called the desk and they sent someone up with disinfectant spray (the smell was horrid).

Afterwards I called and told them that was not

acceptable – would they please call someone to clean up the mess.

(The bed

had been made, and the linens in the bathroom had been changed, but the room was dirty.)

A sweet lady came on her day off and cleaned the room and sanitized the bath and showers, changed linen (they had not been changed) and completed the task that was not done.

We opened windows so that the smoke smell

could dissipate in the room and sprayed more Lysol.

The chairs were filthy, the cushions were filthy and the porch was in sad need of paint and repair.

My question. What has happened to the beautiful St. James’ Hotel?

Some of the same people were still employed there that were present on our last stay two years previous.

What a shame for Selma to lose such a fabulous attraction to the lack of care and disdain of the employees.

The furniture is period antiques that need care and constant attention.

I too, wonder what would the people’s families that are on the doors think should they tour the facility.

The furniture and history of the facility is its draw for its returning citizens.

Please, present citizens of Selma, do something before this beautiful old

landmark is ruined because of lack of maintenance and apathy!

Leo S. Friday

Dr. Sharon Ann Friday