Man arrested on drug charges

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Selma Times-Journal

While the sale of illegal drugs in Selma was slowed following the federal indictment of a dozen alleged drug dealers from St. Phillips Street, a supply line was halted late Wednesday night.

A Selma man was arrested and charged with trafficking cocaine on Thursday after being stopped on Dallas Ave. during a routine traffic stop.

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Police said Desi Donell Beavers, 31, of 883 B Laredo Ct., had powered cocaine individually packaged that is believed to be “cooked up” into crack cocaine worth an estimated $20,000.

Beavers was being held on $1 million bond at the request of the Dallas County District Attorney’s office.

According to Selma Police Chief Jimmy Martin, Officer Jeff Hardy pulled Beavers over and asked him to step outside of this late model Honda Accord after Hardy learned Beavers’ driver’s license was suspended.

“When Mr. Beavers stepped outside Officer Hardy noticed the bag of five individually wrapped packages of cocaine, right on the driver’s side floor,” Martin said. “We have reason to believe he was dropping packages off.”

Beavers was not met with federal charges. Authorities said he faces state charges, along with answering to his traffic violation.

He is not believed to have been involved in the St. Phillips Street drug activities, which area residents complained about “crack heads walking the streets” all times of night.