Trojans going into season full boar

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 2, 2006

The Selma Times-Journal

It’s that time of year again.

Summer adventures are ending, schools are about to be in session and it’s time for some high school football action to begin.

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Each school’s team has been working out most of the summer, getting ready for the beginning of the season. They have endured long, hard practices in the harsh summer sun, preparing to be the best.

One such football team is the Meadowview Christian Trojans.

Dedication to the game and hard work seeped through their veins as they started two-a-day practices last Thursday.

Coach Rick Jackson will be coaching the Trojans again this year with the help of assistant coaches Ryan and Robbie King. Jackson is happy to have both of them on his side.

“Ryan King was a two way starter when he played for Meadowview a few years ago, so he is familiar with our system. He will be a good asset to the team from a coaching standpoint,” Jackson said.

The Trojans had a fairly good season last year. They ended up 6-4 after the regular season. They finished third in the AISA AA region and were able to go to state. They lost in the first round to Clarke Prep, eliminating them from a shot at the championship title. But that hasn’t slowed them down any. It’s a whole new year, and that is what they are focused on.

This year’s team is comprised of 39 players, more than they have had in a while.

“It’s a pretty big team this year. It’s the most we’ve had since the early ’90s,” Jackson said.

Some of the key players that Jackson has been working with include Blake Smith, Zack Lawrence, Ross Johnson and newcomer Brett Collins.

Johnson, a junior this year, will literally be a big asset to the Trojan team, standing 6-foot-4 and weighing 290 pounds.

Newcomer Collins is also a key player according to Jackson.

“We are excited about Brett. He has the passion to win and the passion for the game. He has great speed and that will give us the style of running back that we need,” Jackson said. “We can’t wait to get him out on the field and see what he can do.”

So, how do Jackson and his team feel about the upcoming football season?

“We’re cautiously optimistic. We have a tougher schedule this year than we’ve had in the last two years,” Jackson said.

Jackson also said that there will be a question of leadership on this year’s team. Since there are only two seniors this year, other players will have to step up and “be leaders in the locker room, in the classroom and on the field.”

Despite the tougher schedule, Jackson is excited about the upcoming season.

“I am looking forward to the season. This group of guys has a chance to be something very special. It’s just a matter of putting all the pieces together,” Jackson said. “Work hard. That’s our philosophy since we’ve been here.”